Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa

Intermediate Space

Intermediate Space, 2009
Video: single-channel, colour, 4:3, stereo, pal, 10′ 04” loop

The video work “Intermediate Space” presents a sequence of photographic landscapes projected through a window which has a wall immediately in front of it. This window belongs to an attic room, the view from which is blocked by the aforementioned wall.

The frustration caused by the absence of a view and its accompanying luminosity is what gives rise to the installation of a slide projector that allows for the creation of a series of optic landscape fictions for that window rectangle. On the other hand, the presentation of these images implies an action by someone who is off-screen and operates the slide projector.
The viewpoint in this video is that of someone placed at the exact point in space at which the projected images are neatly framed by the window.

Installation view: Electricity Museum, Lisbon