Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa

Life-Size Channel

Life-Size Channel, 2008
Video: single-channel
Colour, stereo, pal, 16:9 (anamorphic), HDV(1080i)
10’ 57’’ loop

Life-Size Channel presents us with an action: that of the artist having lunch and simultaneously watching television. The television set is placed center-screen, framed by the kitchen space where the action unfolds. This ordinary domestic situation is disturbed by the implausible nature of the image shown on the set, which is simply a life-size fragment of the wall behind it.
The television screen as it appears here could be thought of as a surface or an empty frame, unlike the usual window that show us carefully crafted images and stories of real-world events, images that do not only alter the way we look at and live in the world but change reality itself and, in certain ways, act as an extension of our senses and our living space. This video constructs the antithesis of television as a panoptical device, which erases the frontiers of private space, turning it into a mere visual extension of the surrounding room.

Installation view: Electricity Museum, Lisbon
Installation view: Electricity Museum, Lisbon