Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa

Paper Architecture

In collaboration with Isabel Brison

Original soundtrack by Eduardo Santiago and Ricardo Rodrigues

Paper Architecture, 2009
Video: single-channel, DV, colour, stereo, 4:3, pal

An attempt to repair or disguise the holes in the walls and ceiling of a decrepit garret room.
The holes are covered with precisely cut rectangles of white cardboard and masking tape.
However, as soon as the job is done, insistent leakage of water from the roof damages the cardboard and further attempts at patching up the holes with masking tape are frustrated.
At this point, a three-dimensional process of construction begins, consisting of cardboard pillars propped up against the roof as if to stop it from caving in. The result of this construction is the occupation of a large area of the room, thus rendering it unusable.