Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa

Three Attempts to Succeed

Three Attempts to Succeed, 2010
Video: single-channel
Colour, stereo, pal, 4:3, Mini DV
15′ 17” loop

This video registers a succession of attempts to paint a low wall that lies in front of a window, partially obstructing the view. The purpose of this action is to get the colour of the wall to exactly match the colour of the building (the S. Luiz Theatre) that is visible from the window. This job, taking into account all the physical and light-related variables implied, is next to impossible. On the third attempt, and thanks to the reflection of solar light on the painted wall, a shade of colour is achieved that is satisfactorily close to that of the Theatre fa├žade.

This small enterprise arises from a wish to draw near the landscape obstructed by the wall, in an attempt to dilute inside and out. The failed attempt reveals, as does the video Intermediate Space, a frustration derived from the invisibility of the landscape beyond the wall.